The Most Accurate Code Analysis
AppSec Demands Developer Friendly SAST

AppSec Demands Developer Friendly SAST

Developers are software companies’ most valuable resources. Yet, 96% of developers report their productivity is inhibited by disconnected security and development workflows. NG SAST was designed with developer-friendly workflows as a first principle. In order to maximize developer efficiency, the NG SAST workflow inserts into pull requests and enables developers to find and fix vulnerabilities without ever leaving their development environment. Furthermore, NG SAST’s leading speed and accuracy ensures developers never have to wait for results or wade through false positives.

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Industry Average

Up To 40X Faster

Up to 40X faster than traditional code analysis tools, NG SAST enables developers to secure every pull request without slowing it down. Unlike traditional tools that analyze source code graphs consecutively, NG SAST leverages the Code Property Graph (CPG) to run its analyses concurrently in a single graph of graphs.

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The Most Accurate SAST, Proven by the OWASP Benchmark

NG SAST is the most accurate static code analysis solution, by a factor of nearly 3X. Powered by the CPG, NG SAST posted the highest ever SAST score on the OWASP Benchmark. NG SAST’s 75% score is more than 2X the next highest competitor and nearly 3X the commercial average. Furthermore, unlike traditional tools, users have easy access to editable policies to reduce false positives from custom sanitization steps.

How ShiftLeft Broke the OWASP Benchmark Record for SAST
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Prioritization & Reachability Confirmation

Combining NG SAST with ShiftLeft Protect, vulnerabilities can be definitively confirmed in test or production environments and prioritized for remediation based on actual usage.

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Automatically Find Business Logic Flaws in Dev

Identify vulnerabilities that are unique to your code base before they reach production.

Hardcoded Secrets

Data Leakage

Auth Bypass



Logic Bombs

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Language & Framework Security Best Practices

Language & Framework Security Best Practices

In addition to traditional vulnerabilities, NG SAST also educates developers on security best practices that are specific to languages and/or frameworks. For example, NG SAST can determine whether or not protections for attacks like session fixation, clickjacking, cross-site request forgery, etc. in are being leveraged appropriately.

Achieve Compliance

Demonstrate and maintain compliance with security and privacy regulations such as SOC 2, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and CCPA.

Language Support

NG SAST currently supports applications written in Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, Scala, GoLang, Terraform, and Java Server Pages. Support for Salesforce APEX, Salesforce Visualforce, BASH, Swift, Rust, Oracle PL SQL, and Apache Velocity is coming soon.

Flexible & Customizable

The modern SDLC is constantly evolving and in order to enable customers the maximum flexibility, NG SAST offers pre-built integrations into popular tools and a comprehensive set of APIs. Furthermore, NG SAST standardizes all outputs in JSON to maximize ease of interoperability.

Flexible & Customizable

Free for an Unlimited Number of Apps & Frameworks

ShiftLeft NextGen SAST is free for up to 200,000 lines of code and 300 scans per year.

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