Continuous protection and assurance

Accurately protect your applications with ShiftLeft’s Microagent that understands each application deeply. Best of all, it works out of the box in minutes.

See how data flows across microservices

For every version of every microservice, know instantaneously how your organization is treating sensitive data. Are you leaking PII to a 3rd party API?

Use OSS securely

Identify security issues, such as contextual vulnerabilities, with use of OSS (Open Source Software). Fix them. OR get runtime protection for your app. You choose.

Enhance security with continuous improvement

DevOps and Security can integrate security into continuous integration and continuous deployment environment, improving security with each release.

The State Of Application Security, 2018

Application Security Is Worsening, But Automation Offers Hope

by Amy DeMartine   |   January 2018

  • With its DevOps and SecOps friendly solution that blends security knowledge of code from buildtime to runtime data from production, ShiftLeft solves a real problem for customers without slowing them down.

    - Florian Leibert

    Mesosphere | CEO and Co-founder
  • We believe that ShiftLeft provides us the right vantage point to evaluate the security risks at different stages of our engineering lifecycle. Runtime protection for cloud apps is becoming a common practice and we are very excited to be an early adopter of ShiftLeft's innovative solution.

    - Puneet Chawla

    Workspot | Co-Founder & CTO
  • I continue to see security as a key concern in the adoption of the public cloud. This is why I am excited to see Manish and the ShiftLeft team deliver a solution that not only is purpose-built for cloud applications but establishes a collaborative workflow amongst the key teams to enhance security.

    - Sanjay Poonen

    VMware | Chief Operating Officer
  • ShiftLeft’s technology analyzes code at both build-time and runtime, providing deep insight into the behavior of applications. This unique approach promises an effective runtime security solution for cloud applications. When security problems arise, ShiftLeft gives developers precise feedback that enhances security throughout the software development lifecycle.

    - Gabe Monroy

    Containers at Microsoft Azure | Lead PM
  • Existing off-the-shelf security solutions are not suitable for cloud workloads without customization for your application. I am excited to see ShiftLeft tackling this problem head-on with its application-specific security.

    - Tobias Knaup

    Mesosphere | Co-Founder & CTO
  • Trends such as continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD) and DevOps increase demand for better integration and automation of application security within the development pipeline.


    Gartner, Hype Cycle for Application Security, 2017, Ayal Tirosn July 28, 2017

Vendor to Watch: ShiftLeft

" Although there are literally hundreds of startups in the cyber security market, every once in a while, one comes along that manages to stand out. This is the case for a startup in the cloud application security segment that just emerged from stealth mode late last year called ShiftLeft. "

by Paula Musich   |   June 2018

Rethinking Security for Cloud Workloads

Every time a microservice is changed, we extract its Security DNA and create a custom Microagent to protect the specific version of the microservice. The Security DNA informs the Microagent of the security specific needs of the microservice, creating runtime protection that is accurate, has high performance and is not reacting to constantly evolving threats.