How to Find SQL Injection Exploit

The Danger of SQL Injection Attacks

SQL Injection attacks are among the most common application security threats. Despite being the most dangerous vulnerability in 3 consecutive OWASP Top 10 Application Security Risks, nearly 1/3rd of web applications have at least one SQL Injection vulnerability. Furthermore, it is relatively easy to mount SQL injection attacks against some of the common programming languages such as .NET/C#, Java, etc. and the risk to the application is higher because it can grant unauthorized access to critical data.

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Preventing SQL Injection Attacks with Ocular


A comprehensive REPL to explore far deeper than grep

Ocular provides a customizable Read Eval Print Loop (REPL) approach to iteratively interrogating code. Analysts with more sophisticated code exploration needs, can leverage the comprehensive CPG graphical mapping to create highly specific and targeted queries, bypassing common sources of false positives. Examples include the ability to identify any custom sanitizations present in the code, where user input is properly secured, and the presence of any indirect data flows, where user input is not directly used in a sink.


Detect business logic vulnerabilities

Ocular queries accelerate the process of examining the various software elements and flows to identify complex business logic vulnerabilities, that can't be scanned for automatically, such as PII that goes unencrypted at rest, abuse of functionality, insufficient process validation, and other common examples as defined by the OWASP


Integrate into DevSecOps pipelines

Ocular query results are available and exportable via standard JSON format for easy integration into the security tools in use by the organization,and for sharing data across the SDLC.

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Hunting Exploits with Ocular

Security Misconfiguration

XML External Entity Processing

Denial of Service (DOS) Attack

Cookie Poisoning

Zip Slip

Information Leakage

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Analogous to the way Google Maps provides a representation of your unique geographical location, the various routes available and possible destinations, ShiftLeft Ocular provides code auditors and reviewers with a platform to construct, and tune powerful, highly customized queries for interactive interrogation of their unique code bases and environments.

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