Identifying And Fixing Vulnerabilities, In 4 Steps

Configure Demo App Or Pull Repository

Start by importing one of your Github repositories, or analyzing one of our demo apps. Don't have GitHub? Use our CLI.

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Perform Analysis

Behind the curtain, ShiftLeft scans and finds vulnerabilities by establishing a baseline of your pull requests against your main code branch. Developers get immediate feedback in our app, including the root cause, data-flow, and remediation of the vulnerability.

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Identify And Fix Vulnerabilities

As you scan your code with our tool, you teach our tool about your approaches to input validation, sanitization, validation, escaping output. The more you scan the better our Code Property Graph technology gets.

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Integrate The Results In To Your Development Workflow (CI/CD pipeline)

You are shifting security farther left into the hands of your developers. Developers can remediate security vulnerabilities right away, preventing new technical debt from being introduced.

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Our Integrations

All the integrations you need to efficiently find, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities.

How is this all possible?

Learn About The Technology

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