A Continuous Platform for code analysis, runtime protection, & vulnerability research

ShiftLeft is purpose-built security for the modern software development life cycle (SDLC). Whether agile SDLC, microservice architecture, cloud infrastructure, virtual machines, containers, serverless, or open source libraries and commercial SDKs, developing applications has undergone profound changes. ShiftLeft’s product suite (Inspect, Protect, and Ocular) leverages the Code Property Graph (CPG) to enable organizations to embrace modern efficiencies without sacrificing security.


Shiftleft Ocular

ShiftLeft Ocular enables code auditors to leverage the power of the CPG with custom queries. Traditional code analysis tools run a generic set of tests against code. However, this leads to false positives and false negatives. With custom queries, the code auditor can use their knowledge of sources, transforms, and sinks to minimize false positives, such as alerting on unsanitized routes. Additionally, custom queries can identify vulnerabilities in indirect data flows that generic tests miss. Lastly, queries can be saved as policies and automatically inserted to evaluate every release in DevOps pipeline.