The State Of Application Security, 2018

Application Security Is Worsening, But Automation Offers Hope

by Amy DeMartine   |   January 2018

The ShiftLeft Platform


Static application security testing (SAST)

  • #1 SAST Benchmark Score: Inspect scored 75% on the OWASP Benchmark, which is the highest score ever recorded and nearly three times the commercial average.
  • Speed: Analyze 500,000 lines of code in less than 10 minutes. Release as fast as you can, securely!
  • Vulnerability Prioritization: Don’t waste precious time sifting through mountains of irrelevant alerts!
  • Built for DevOps: Automate code analysis upon pull request, build, or release.
  • Single Pane of Glass for all Vulnerabilities: Find and fix vulnerabilities in your code, open source libraries, and commercial SDKs.
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How ShiftLeft Broke the OWASP Benchmark Record for SAST

Rethinking Security for Cloud Workloads


Code-informed runtime protection

  • Manual Policies RIP: Safeguard the application in runtime, no manual policies required.
  • Comprehensive: Identify and safeguard against vulnerabilities in your custom code, open source libraries, and commercial SDKs.
  • Compliance: Map data flows, and identify and prevent data leakages.
  • Speed: Secure every version of every release, in minutes.
  • Operational Simplicity: Don’t be overwhelmed by the mountain of false positives from your WAF.
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Rethinking Security for Cloud Workloads


A custom security query engine

  • Accuracy: Write custom queries that understand your unique environment.
  • Cross-language Policies: Save queries as policy and run them against all your applications, regardless of programming language.
  • Automate Policy Checks: Automatically run policies upon pull request, build, or release.
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Hunting Vulnerabilities With ShiftLeft Ocular

ShiftLeft Benchmark Penetration Test Report

Read the full penetration test report to compare the unprotected application & ShiftLeft protected application results


Prioritize Vulnerabilities

By combining code analysis with runtime data, vulnerabilities can be confirmed in test or production environments to eliminate false positives.

Map Data Flows

Track critical data as it flows from sources, transforms, and sinks across microservices, open source libraries, commercial SDKs, and external APIs.

Reduce AppSec OpEx

ShiftLeft automates identifying, testing, and protecting against vulnerabilities, which dramatically lowers the operational costs of securing and protecting applications.

Increase Operational Speed

ShiftLeft can analyze up to 500,000 lines of code in 10 minutes. This enables security to be inserted into fast DevOps pipelines without slowing down innovation.

  • Puneet Chawla
    Co-Founder & CTO
    We believe that ShiftLeft provides us the right vantage point to evaluate the security risks at different stages of our engineering lifecycle. Runtime protection for cloud apps is becoming a common practice and we are very excited to be an early adopter of ShiftLeft's innovative solution.
  • Harjot Gill
    GM, Nutanix Epoch
    The accuracy and speed of ShiftLeft’s SAST enables Nutanix Epoch to automatically secure every release without slowing down new feature development.
  • Florian Leibert
    CEO and Co-founder
    With its DevOps and SecOps friendly solution that blends security knowledge of code from buildtime to runtime data from production, ShiftLeft solves a real problem for customers without slowing them down.
  • Sanjay Poonen
    Chief Operating Officer
    I continue to see security as a key concern in the adoption of the public cloud. This is why I am excited to see Manish and the ShiftLeft team deliver a solution that not only is purpose-built for cloud applications but establishes a collaborative workflow amongst the key teams to enhance security.
  • Gabe Monroy
    Lead PM
    ShiftLeft’s technology analyzes code at both build-time and runtime, providing deep insight into the behavior of applications. This unique approach promises an effective runtime security solution for cloud applications. When security problems arise, ShiftLeft gives developers precise feedback that enhances security throughout the software development lifecycle.
  • Ayal Tirosh
    Senior Research Analyst
    Trends such as continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD) and DevOps increase demand for better integration and automation of application security within the development pipeline.

Vendor to Watch: ShiftLeft

" Although there are literally hundreds of startups in the cyber security market, every once in a while, one comes along that manages to stand out. This is the case for a startup in the cloud application security segment that just emerged from stealth mode late last year called ShiftLeft. "

by Paula Musich   |   June 2018