ShiftLeft CORE turns developers into security heroes

A Code Security Platform Developers Love

Next-gen SAST, secrets detection, Intelligent SCA, and security training all wrapped up in one platform.

ShiftLeft CORE:
The Code Security Platform for Modern Dev Teams

The Most Accurate Code Analysis

Lightning Fast Code Analysis

With our unique Code Property Graph engine, ShiftLeft CORE’s SAST capabilities enables up to 40x faster scan times. Stop waiting for results!

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Provable Accuracy

With an above 74% average OWASP Benchmark score, ShiftLeft CORE’s SAST capabilities gives you the most accurate findings possible. Oh, and we include an easy to use benchmarking tool in our platform.


Dev-Friendly Workflows

Find fast, fix faster. With a 5x decrease in Mean-Time-To-Remediation (MTTR), you can focus on fixing security vulnerabilities in your existing workflows instead of continual context switching.

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Intelligent SCA

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) is a crucial part of any organization’s DevSecOps practice but can you separate the signal from the noise? Intelligent SCA reduces the amount of tickets by over 90% in our real-world tests by focusing only on vulnerabilities reachable by an attacker.

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Contextual Security Education

Finding bugs isn’t the hard part, it’s fixing them. ShiftLeft Educate is an optional add-on that embeds security training directly into ShiftLeft CORE allowing developers to learn in real-time how to fix issues without having to switch context.

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Automatically Find Business Logic Flaws in Dev

Identify vulnerabilities that are unique to your code base before they reach production.

Hardcoded Secrets

Data Leakage

Auth Bypass



Logic Bombs

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Get Compliant. Stay Compliant.

Demonstrate and maintain compliance with security and privacy regulations such as SOC 2, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and CCPA.

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SolarWinds Live Analysis with ShiftLeft

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Why ShiftLeft is the most accurate code analysis

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Modeling and Discovering Vulnerabilities with Code Property Graphs

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Our Integrations

All the integrations you need to efficiently find, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities.

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Learn how you can identify and fix vulnerabilities in 4 easy steps.

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